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ThermaSol Steam Spa User Reviews

ThermaSol Steam Spa User Reviews

ThermaSol Steam Spa User Reviews: Insights and Satisfaction Ratings

Steam spas have gained popularity as a luxurious addition to modern homes, offering a spa-like experience without stepping out the door. ThermaSol, a company with a reputation for quality steam spas, has a range of products aimed at bringing the serenity of a spa to your bathroom. Users who have invested in these steam spas often share their anecdotes of transformed bathing spaces and enhanced relaxation experiences.

Before committing to such an investment, potential buyers tend to scour through user reviews to gauge the effectiveness and value of the product. Feedback about the ThermaSol steam spa covers various aspects, from the ease of installation to the quality of the steam produced. Prospective buyers can find detailed accounts of user experiences which highlight the performance and any issues encountered with ThermaSol products. This information can prove crucial in deciding whether a ThermaSol steam spa meets their specific needs and expectations.

Key Takeaways

  • Reviews for ThermaSol steam spas provide insight into customer satisfaction and product quality.
  • The ease of use and installation process are commonly discussed in user testimonials.
  • Cost, warranty, and customer support are significant factors in the overall user experience.

Brand Overview

ThermaSol is recognized for its high-quality steam spa systems, providing a blend of luxury and technology to users. They have built a reputation on innovation and customer satisfaction.

About ThermaSol

ThermaSol has established itself as a leading producer of steam bath generators and other steam spa solutions. The company has a dedicated focus on enhancing the wellness and relaxation experience through the innovation of steam technology. They offer a range of products from basic generators to fully integrated steam spa systems.

Company History

Founded in 1958, ThermaSol is one of the pioneers in the steam shower industry. Over the decades, they have amassed extensive experience, driving the evolution of steam technology in home spas. Their longevity in the market underpins their commitment to product development and quality.

Market Reputation

The company's market reputation is built on customer trust and product efficacy. Feedback from users generally highlights the durability and ease of use of their steam spa systems. Industry experts often regard ThermaSol as a market leader, thanks to their continuous technological advancements and customer-focused approach.

Product Range

ThermaSol offers a diverse selection of steam spa systems, tailored to accommodate both private residences and commercial facilities. The products vary by size, power, and additional features designed to provide a customizable steam experience.

Residential Steam Spa Options

For residential installations, ThermaSol provides a variety of steam generators that integrate seamlessly with home bathrooms of different dimensions. Key products include:

  • ProSeries™ Steam Generator: Available in multiple power ratings (from 3.8kW to 15kW), these generators suit most home sizes.
  • AF Series™ Steam Shower: Designed for smaller spaces, with power options ranging from 5kW to 12kW.
  • SmartSteam™ Technology: Included in select models to optimize steam output and energy consumption.


  • Digital Controllers: A range of intuitive controls for temperature and session timing.
  • Steam Heads: Evenly distributed steam with whisper-quiet operation.
  • AromaTherapy: Essential oil delivery system for a holistic spa experience.

Commercial Steam Solutions

ThermaSol's commercial product line supports high-traffic spas, gyms, and hotels, featuring robust and efficient steam spa systems:

  • SuperDuty™ Steam Generator: Engineered for spaces up to 600 cubic feet with 24kW to 48kW power options.
  • PowerPak Series™: Suitable for larger commercial venues, providing powerful steam production.
  • Auto PowerFlush™: Standard in commercial units, this feature helps in system maintenance and longevity.


  • Multi-user Control Panels: Heavy-duty digital controls for managing multiple rooms.
  • Large Room Steam Heads: Designed for optimal steam distribution in spacious environments.
  • Drain Pan: For safe collection and removal of excess water.

Installation Process

The installation of a ThermaSol steam spa is a critical step toward enjoying a luxurious home steam experience. Careful attention to pre-installation requirements, a detailed outline of the installation steps, and choosing between professional or DIY installation are paramount for optimal function and safety.

Pre-Installation Requirements

  • Space Requirements: A minimum space to accommodate the steam generator should be ensured, with additional clearance for maintenance.
  • Electrical Requirements: A dedicated electrical circuit is essential for safety and to meet the power needs of the steam spa.
  • Plumbing Requirements: Proper water supply lines and drainage must be in place, adhering to local codes.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Location Selection: Choose a suitable location for the steam generator — typically, within 25 feet of the steam room.
  2. Mounting the Generator: Secure the generator on a stable, level surface.
  3. Connecting Electrical Supply: Hook up to the electrical source, obeying all electrical codes.
  4. Water Supply Connection: Connect the water supply line to the generator.
  5. Steam Head Installation: Install the steam head in the steam room at the recommended height.
  6. Control Panel Setup: Position the control panel inside the steam room for easy access.

Professional vs DIY Installation

  • Professional Installation: Advantages include expert handling, adherence to warranty requirements, and peace of mind with compliance to safety standards.
  • DIY Installation: Suitable for those with sufficient skills in plumbing and electrical work, it may save on installation costs but requires a thorough understanding of the installation manual and local building codes.

User Experience

ThermaSol steam spas receive attention for their thoughtful design focused on enhancing the user experience. Noteworthy aspects include straightforward operation, responsive in-shower controls, and a mobile application that enhances functionality.

Ease of Use

Users consistently report that ThermaSol steam spas are designed for ease of setup and use. The systems typically come pre-programmed for quick start-up. ThermaSol's QuickStart technology is often highlighted for its ability to produce steam in seconds.

In-Shower Controls

Many reviews touch on the in-shower controls, which offer tactile and intuitive interfaces. The ThermaSol control panel features:

  • Temperature adjustment: Accurate and responsive.
  • Session timer: Users can easily set their desired steam session duration.
  • Aromatherapy feature: Allows the addition of essential oils with simple compartment access.

Mobile App Functionality

The mobile app functionality extends the convenience of the ThermaSol steam spa. Key app features include:

  • Remote start: Users can activate their steam shower from anywhere in the home.
  • Custom user profiles: Allows multiple users to save their preferred settings.
  • Maintenance reminders: Keeps users informed about cleaning and servicing schedules.

Performance Evaluation

In assessing the ThermaSol steam spa, users have focused primarily on its steam generation efficiency, durability and reliability, and maintenance needs.

Steam Generation Efficiency

ThermaSol steam spas are highlighted for their rapid heat-up times, with users commonly reporting steam readiness within minutes. The consistency of steam output is another frequently praised feature, indicating efficient use of power to maintain desired temperature and steam levels.

  • Start-up Time: Approximately 2-5 minutes
  • Temperature Consistency: Maintains within ±1°F
  • Energy Consumption: Rated high efficiency by numerous user reports

Durability and Reliability

Long-term users of ThermaSol products often mention the build quality that contributes to its longevity. There are fewer reports of breakdowns and the need for repairs, attributable to high-quality materials and solid engineering.

Component User Feedback on Reliability
Digital Controls Rarely malfunction
Steam Generator High resistance to wear and tear
Exterior Finish Maintains appearance over time

Maintenance Needs

The maintenance aspect is commonly considered low-effort. Periodic descaling is necessary, particularly in areas with hard water, but users report this process to be straightforward and infrequent.

  • Descaling Frequency: Suggested every 3-5 years
  • User Maintenance: Simple, guided by clear manufacturer instructions
  • Customer Support: Accessible and helpful, enhancing user confidence in maintaining the spa's performance

Customer Reviews

The ""Customer Reviews"" section provides insights from individuals who have used the ThermaSol steam spa, reflecting both praise and areas for improvement.

Positive Feedback

  • Relaxation: Numerous customers report a significant increase in relaxation after using the ThermaSol steam spa. They often mention the ease of controlling the steam settings to create a personalized spa experience.

    Feature Positive Remarks
    Design Sleek and modern, integrates well with various bathroom styles
    Ease of Use Intuitive controls and user-friendly interface cited by many users
    Health Benefits Several users note improved respiratory function and skin condition

Constructive Criticism

  • Installation Issues: A recurring topic among reviews is the challenge some customers face during the installation process. It appears that clear instructions and support are sometimes lacking.

    1. Customer Support: While many find the support satisfactory, some users have mentioned that response times could be improved.
    2. Cost: A handful of users have observed that while the quality is high, the price can be a barrier for those on a tighter budget.
    3. Longevity: There have been a few mentions of concerns about long-term durability and the occurrence of technical issues after extended use.

Cost Considerations

When considering a ThermaSol steam spa, potential buyers should examine both the initial purchase price and the ongoing costs associated with operation and maintenance.

Initial Investment

Customers report that the upfront cost for a ThermaSol steam spa can range significantly depending on the model, features, and installation complexities. Prices can start from around $2,500 for basic models and can exceed $7,000 for high-end units with advanced features such as digital controls, sound systems, and aromatherapy options.

  • Basic models: ~$2,500 - $4,000
  • Advanced models: ~$4,500 - $7,000+

Operational Costs

The operational costs of a ThermaSol steam spa are influenced by factors like local utility rates, usage frequency, and unit efficiency. Users should anticipate additional monthly expenses for water and electricity. For example, a 240V connection with 10kW power rating might cost approximately $0.30 for a 20-minute session, assuming an electricity rate of $0.15 per kWh.

  • Electricity Cost per Session: ~$0.30 (20-minute session at $0.15 per kWh)
  • Monthly Cost Estimate: Varies based on usage frequency and utility rates

Warranty and Support

ThermaSol provides a robust warranty program and dedicated customer support services to assist users with their steam spa systems.

Warranty Coverage

ThermaSol steam spa systems come with a limited lifetime warranty for residential customers, which covers parts and in-factory labor. This warranty is effective for the original end-user and commences upon the product's installation date. The key components of the warranty include:

  • Parts: Replacement of defective parts is covered, except for expendable items like light bulbs.
  • In-Factory Labor: Labor for repairs carried out in ThermaSol's facility is included, though on-site service costs are the responsibility of the owner.

For commercial users, the warranty period is reduced. Details can be located in the product's warranty documentation.

Customer Support Services

ThermaSol strives to ensure customer satisfaction through their Customer Support Services. Users can reach support representatives through multiple channels:

  • Phone: Dedicated support line for immediate assistance during business hours.
  • Email: An option for non-urgent inquiries, with responses typically within one business day.
  • Online Resources: A comprehensive knowledge base, including FAQs and installation guides.

Should a product issue arise, technical support can assist both in troubleshooting and in facilitating warranty claims.

Comparative Analysis

This section provides a focused assessment of how ThermaSol steam spa fares when placed side-by-side with its rivals and examines the differences across various models within the brand.

Against Competing Brands

ThermaSol steam spas are frequently lauded for their Superior Temperature Control system which allows for precise adjustments, unlike some competitor models that offer basic settings. For instance, users often compare ThermaSol with brands like MrSteam, noting ThermaSol's FastStart technology heats the spa in seconds, a feature not always found in the competition. In durability, ThermaSol's robust construction is often highlighted in user reviews, citing fewer maintenance issues compared to other brands such as Amerec.

Comparatively, in user experience, ThermaSol's SmartSteam feature is frequently mentioned. It conserves energy and water by producing the exact amount of steam needed for the selected environment which not many other brands offer. Such specifics reveal why ThermaSol is seen as a frontrunner in the steam spa industry.

Model Comparisons

ThermaSol offers a range of models, each with distinct features tailored for different user needs. For example, ThermaSol ProSeries is often noted for its advanced ThermaTouch Control interface, providing an intuitive user experience. In contrast, the Signature Series emphasizes classic controls with robust functionality.

The ProSeries also comes equipped with PowerFlush, a system designed for internal cleaning which is less evident in the Basic Series. Consumers state the Basic Series still offers a reliable steam experience but lacks some of the advanced features of the higher-end models. It's the details such as these that dictate the choice of model for consumers based on their unique needs and preferences.

Final Thoughts

ThermaSol steam spas have garnered attention for their luxury and wellness benefits.

Users appreciate:

  • The user-friendly controls.
  • The variety of features.
  • The consistent steam production.

However, they note:

  • Initial costs can be significant.
  • Installation requires professional assistance.

The durability of ThermaSol units is frequently highlighted, with many users reporting years of operation without major issues. The brand's commitment to customer service is also commended, as they offer responsive support.

The following points summarize user experiences:

  • Satisfaction: High levels of user satisfaction, especially for those seeking a high-end home spa experience.
  • Performance: Reliable and efficient performance is often cited by users.
  • Health Benefits: Many have mentioned improvements in respiratory issues and stress reduction as a result of using the steam spa.

Despite the positive reception, users should consider the space and maintenance requirements of the units. The steam spas are best suited for those who value luxury wellness in the comfort of their home. Those interested should evaluate their budget and readiness to commit to the proper installation and upkeep.

Individual experiences may vary, and potential buyers are encouraged to conduct thorough research, including reading multiple user reviews, before making a decision.

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