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What Should I Wear In The Sauna?

What Should I Wear In The Sauna?

The typical attire for a sauna is minimal, with many opting for a towel or a bathing suit. It is important to note that different cultures and saunas may have different dress codes and expectations, so it's always best to check beforehand or observe others.

In most cases, wearing a towel around the waist or draping over the body is recommended for modesty and hygiene purposes. If you are using a public sauna, it is essential to bring a clean towel to prevent direct contact with the sauna bench.

Some people may choose to wear a swimsuit or a robe, but it is important to avoid clothing that is too heavy or bulky, as this can trap heat and make it more challenging to regulate body temperature in the sauna. Removing all jewelry and accessories before entering the sauna is essential, as these items can become hot and uncomfortable.


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